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White Racist Weekly Radio Address

This weeks news review comes to you for your use and education.  This is the first week after the Presidential conventions.  We have a 50% chance of retaining power in the hands of white men.  How can the Democrats select a ni____ to be there candidate?  They have lost control and are trying to give control of this country to minorities.  They have lost their soul.  Don’t they know their history.  They were the ones maintaining the status quo keeping the black man from having the right to vote.  Even the republican party which was founded because they did not want to allow slavery to spread, has found its footing.  They have kept an all white ticket and therefore has stayed with the superior race.  Everything is 180 degrees out from where it should be.  Democrats are acting like the old Republicans and the republicans are acting like the old democrats. 

Who is going to defend our country?  We are being invaded from the south.  Build the fence now and keep the other minorities out of here.  It has now been said that we will be the minority in 2042.  I don’t know about you but I don’t want to see that happen.  Let’s have some population controls like China now.  The chinese know what they are doing.  Who wants to see America look like South America?

Unemployment is the highest in a number of years.  Are they still giving our jobs to underqualified minorites or worst illegal minorities?  What are they thinking?  Keep our standard of living high, get rid of the bums.

Since this is my first news review, I will go back in time to the Summer Olympics.  Did you see our boy, Michael Phelps show why we are superior?  He is the greatest athlete ever winning eight gold medals.  They want to talk about how Bolt performed, but they are good at running anyway and basketball. That just shows what good breeding will do. 

Russia is on the move.  Our President is being weak at the moment.  Maybe he sent Cheney over there since the Negro Secretary of State could not get the job done.  Never send a Negro to do our job.

Well it is football time.  Let’s see how all the white quarterbacks steer their hands to victory.  Why would they allow a negro to quarterback anyway since it is a thinking mans spot?  Social experiments do not work.

Don Haskins has passed.  He gave Negros a chance in basketball and he proved that they breed athletes very well.  Don’t ask them to invent anything or contribute mentally to our society.  They have not produced any great invention.  Every great invention has come from an anglo saxon. 

Hurricanes are doing some good things down in the south cleaning out some areas for us.  We need to reclaim the south anyway.  That does it for this week.  I am keeping my eyes open and you should too.  Go to church and vote the right way in  November, be ready.  We have not lost control.

Before I forget, big government is spending more of our money to get banks out of trouble who lent money to minorities who could not afford the loans.  How long will this continue.  Let’s get this country back in order and back to the way things should be.  White power people the right power.


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