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The passing of an era


Hi all,

It has been a while since I have posted. Since that time, the family has celebrated the life of my grandmother who was at least 104 years old. There are only two sad facts surrounding her death. First, we are not sure how old she is since the records of her birth were not well kept. Secondly, she will be missed, even though she was old, her death was unexpected at this time.  She had been released from the hospital and simply went away in her sleep.

I can’t fathom 104 years old but just think of what she witnessed in her lifetime. She lived a modest life living off the land and raising 10 kids. She had a hand in rearing a host of niece, nephews, and even a few of her sisters as well. Technology from the car, the television, the airplane, the internet, space travel, satellites, and list goes on have exploded on the scene with her giving witness to each advent.

She was as graceful as they come and would endear you to her with that smile and look that says you better be good or I am going to get you even if you and I both know I am too old to get you. She took out time to teach me the Lord’s prayer. She also encouraged me to read the bible. In short she was a lovely lady. You knew from the life she displayed that she had to be a very obedient child growing old with virtues abounding within her. The world did not know her, but in my world she loomed large. I am glad God gave me the opportunity to have her as my grandma. If you still have yours with you, take the time to appreciate what she represents and give her a hug and a kiss. You never know how long you have with one another.


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Clinton as Secretary of State

Team of Rivals

Some would ask, why would President-elect Obama tap Ms. Clinton to be his Secretary of State.  Of course the cynics say to keep her from running in 2012.  Others say to put her on a leash and to remove her from his domestic agenda.  I agree with those thought processes.  He does something else with this as well, he prevents John Kerry from raising his voice because Mr. Kerry will not oppose Ms. Clinton.  He also takes Mr. Clinton out of the picture because as much as Bill wants to dominate the headlines, he wants his wife to be considered successful since that is the only reason they stayed married. 

Furthermore he also neutralizes Joe Biden on the foreign policy front.  Now when Ms. Clinton and Joe Biden disagree Barack comes in and resolves the dispute.  Clearly he is following in President Lincoln’s footsteps by building a team of rivals using the old adage of:

Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.  What do you think?  Does this move of selecting Hillary make sense because she is qualified or was this a political calculation?  Think about it.  His rivals are responsible for his success or they can be blamed for his failure.

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Barack: I can do whatever I like



just flat out funny

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Pray for Jennifer

Pray for Jennifer, her family, and her nephew.  As you know by now Jennifer’s mother and brother were found dead at her mother’s home.  Jennifer’s brother-in-law is in custody.  The nephew has not been found. 

Article: Jennifer’s Family Tragedy

Take care and don’t forget to pray for her family.

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One-time MLK lieutenant gets 15 years for incest

Article: MLK Lieutenant sentenced for incest

We know people have issues and can change over time for better or for worse.  The legacy of Dr. King has taken some recent hits with his children fighting publicly and not representing his dream and aspirations.  But the preacher who has been convicted of incest is a body blow to Dr. King’s legacy.  The good news is that America has already solidified Dr. King’s legacy through selecting Barack Obama.  This case breaks your heart though.

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OJ Guilty. Surprised?


We know in the US there is no double jeopardy.  But OJ was served justice poetically.  Article: OJ going to Jail. I would even venture to guess he wasn’t even surprised.  I declared earlier when it was reported that the jury was all-white that OJ would be found guilty.  Not that the jury being white was the determining factor but of course that played a role in the decision.  Most people believe OJ was guilty before and got off because of the high standard of reasonable doubt.  In this case, I don’t think the standard was so high and inevitably he would pay for his original crime.  Now if he had an all-black jury would he have been found guilty?    Would you have voted guilty or innocent in this last case?

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Rev Wright and another sex scandal


Article: Rev Wright gets his groove on

I am not one to promote gossip.  And I believe you are innocent until proven guilty.  But come on folks.  It is  a fact that the Rev took another man’s wife.  So this story is somewhat easy to believe given the nature of us men if left unchecked.  If he is guilty, and he repents should he be forgiven?  And should he be allowed to preach in a church?  Would you go to hear him?

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Are we intellectually honest?

We all have people we like?  Do we give them a pass on issues that we would not permit with other people.  Some in the media went after Sarah Palin because of her teenage daughter’s pregnancy.  What was your initial response.  And who do you support in this election campaign?  If you are a Barack supporter, would your view and reaction be different if it were one of Barack’s daughters leaping many years from now of course?  How do you feel if you are a McCain supporter.  I have found that when someone likes another person the truth about that person and how we feel about different things seems to get blurred or diverges fairly significantly from our normal attitudes.  This feels normal but seems dishonest intellectually.  What do you think?

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New Pages

Hi folks,  you may have noticed I have new pages now.

1. White Racist State of the Nation: News Review

2.  Celebrity News (popular stars and what is happening with them)

3. News (interesting and informative articles)

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Bill Clinton: What did he mean?

Here is a man that knows what it takes to be President.  His remarks last night raised a few eye brows.  He said, “who do you vote for, someone who agrees with everything you say, but can deliver nothing, or the candidate who agrees with you half the time but can deliver.”  Was this a thinly veiled slight against Barack Obama?  His wife gave a great speech last night and close confidants of Bill Clinton is reportedly going to give his speech dutifully.  They are saying he is doing this not necessarily enthusiastically but dutifully.  What do you think is going on?  Is his heart in it for Barack Obama?

Article:Bill Clinton will not attend Barack’s speech

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