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Funny Video: Trying to Rob me


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Barack: I can do whatever I like



just flat out funny

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Bond Gets Black in Action

Yes someone went there.  Now should James Bond be Black as well.  This was just a fun article to post.  Our community is simply excited and for that matter, the world is excited that America has changed and moved to some extent towards a color-blind society. 

No offense to Daniel Craig, but with Barack Obama headed to the White House, our photog thought James Bond could go Black — and while our guy listed off any Black actor he could think of, one 007 had a more obscure dude in mind.
Click to watch
Slight problem — Colin already played another MI6 agent in three existing Bond films.

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Beyonce as Wonder Woman

Now that we have the first African American President shouldn’t we now have the first black wonder woman as well.  What do you think?

Article: Beyonce as Wonder Woman

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Is this video timeless and timely?

Does this video describe the state of the Presidential Race?

Video: Batman vs. The Penguin: The Debate

It is funny and in some ways analogous to the Presidential Race.

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Are you serious

A bank robber apparently could not answer the question and left the bank without robbing it.  Bank Robber Flees after sarcastic question.  You know this is just funny.  Imagine someone coming up to you with a gun and intending to rob you.  You simply reply, are you serious?  The teller had to be black?  What do you think?

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New Pages

Hi folks,  you may have noticed I have new pages now.

1. White Racist State of the Nation: News Review

2.  Celebrity News (popular stars and what is happening with them)

3. News (interesting and informative articles)

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Bigfoot. Proof or Hoax?

We have travelled this road before.  But for some reason this story takes root and has some life in it.  We are intrigued by whether some half-man half animal exists.

Article: Proof of Bigfoot?

I am not sure if big-foot exists but am curios as to why this story has not been summarily dismissed.  Normally it is a picture barely viewable or footprints, but this time there is a body of something.  Read the article and develop your own opinion

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US Olympic Basketball Team 3-0

The redeem team is back putting U.S. basketball center stage.  The big question going into the Olympics was whether the men’s basketball team could compete and win the gold medal in this summer Olympics.  The answer is a resounding yes based on their performance thus far.

Article:  US beats Greece to 3-0

Should the remaining question be what the average margin of victory be?

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Olympic Swimming 400 relay team

Michael Phelps has won another gold medal and he will hopefully win 8.  I am as proud of him as I am Cullen Jones.  Cullen is one the few black world class swimmers.  He is the first African-American swimmer to break a long-course world record.  I just saw a great swimming relay  race in which the Americans kicked some French butt in the 20008 Summer Olympics.  The French were heavily favored and expected to win but did some trash talking about smashing the Americans.  But ours boys rose to the occasion thanks to the french motivation.

Article:  US kicks some butts 

I am proud of the whole team. 

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