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Hi all,

It has been a while since I have posted. Since that time, the family has celebrated the life of my grandmother who was at least 104 years old. There are only two sad facts surrounding her death. First, we are not sure how old she is since the records of her birth were not well kept. Secondly, she will be missed, even though she was old, her death was unexpected at this time.  She had been released from the hospital and simply went away in her sleep.

I can’t fathom 104 years old but just think of what she witnessed in her lifetime. She lived a modest life living off the land and raising 10 kids. She had a hand in rearing a host of niece, nephews, and even a few of her sisters as well. Technology from the car, the television, the airplane, the internet, space travel, satellites, and list goes on have exploded on the scene with her giving witness to each advent.

She was as graceful as they come and would endear you to her with that smile and look that says you better be good or I am going to get you even if you and I both know I am too old to get you. She took out time to teach me the Lord’s prayer. She also encouraged me to read the bible. In short she was a lovely lady. You knew from the life she displayed that she had to be a very obedient child growing old with virtues abounding within her. The world did not know her, but in my world she loomed large. I am glad God gave me the opportunity to have her as my grandma. If you still have yours with you, take the time to appreciate what she represents and give her a hug and a kiss. You never know how long you have with one another.


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Williams buys home, talks about blackness

Now this article highlights a systemic problems in our community.  Blackness being prostituted.  If there is one thing I hate, it is people exploiting someone with false pretenses.  Here you have a Mayor get elected because he appealed to the black community, then he ignores the plight of the community while in office, and then he moves back into the community as if nothing ever happened.  Read the article and tell me if I am off my rocker.

By Robert “Rob” Redding Jr.


Nov. 17, 2008, 12 a.m. –During his tenure as the two-term mayor of

Washington, D.C., Anthony A. “Tony” Williams made it clear he wasn’t all that

concerned about what his predominantly black constituency thought of him.


     Even when some accused him of trying to push poor blacks out of the city

 in a headlong effort to barge ahead with a business and economic

development plan, he didn’t flinch.


     But when it came to picking a house this spring, nearly two years after

leaving office, Williams divulged to The Washington Post that he had been

listening to his critics’ whispers all along.


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Barack: I can do whatever I like



just flat out funny

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Bond Gets Black in Action

Yes someone went there.  Now should James Bond be Black as well.  This was just a fun article to post.  Our community is simply excited and for that matter, the world is excited that America has changed and moved to some extent towards a color-blind society. 

No offense to Daniel Craig, but with Barack Obama headed to the White House, our photog thought James Bond could go Black — and while our guy listed off any Black actor he could think of, one 007 had a more obscure dude in mind.
Click to watch
Slight problem — Colin already played another MI6 agent in three existing Bond films.

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Obama victory opens door to new black identity


Read: African or American

There is an identity crisis brewing in America.  As a Black man or woman, do you now identify yourself as simply an American or do you continue to exist or be defined by a unique label? 

Here are some thoughts expressed in the article:

We’ve taken that next step. It’s moving toward what we call universal brotherhood and sisterhood,” Robinson said after voting for Obama in his northwest Washington, D.C., neighborhood. “We shouldn’t be split and have all these divisions. That’s why I say it’s a bright day.”

L. Douglas Wilder, the first black person to be elected governor of Virginia, shares Robinson’s sense of American identity. “But I can tell you, when you say that, people take umbrage,” Wilder said. “They believe that you are dissing them, putting blacks down. I don’t have to tell you what I am, you can look at me and see that I’m not white. So what difference does it make?”

“We don’t come into this world defining ourselves,” Clyburn said. “I was born into a world that had defined limits for me. I had to sit on the back of the bus, I couldn’t attend the nearby school. My wife had to walk 2 1/2 miles to school, walk past the white school to get to the school for blacks. She didn’t define that role for herself. That role was imposed upon us.”

How do you see yourself now?

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Obama has to lower expecations.

Sensing that the euphoria has become manic in nature, Barack Obama has planned to lower expectations of his Presidency should he be elected.  There are many people of all races expecting him to practically walk on water and change the world.  The excitement goes beyond pride in the black community that a Black man may be the President of the United States.  There is a hope that somehow everyone’s life will change instantly. 

Article: Barack Planning to lower expectations

Barack is doomed to be considered a failure because he can’t live up to the hyperhype.  Tell me what you think. 

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Pray for Jennifer

Pray for Jennifer, her family, and her nephew.  As you know by now Jennifer’s mother and brother were found dead at her mother’s home.  Jennifer’s brother-in-law is in custody.  The nephew has not been found. 

Article: Jennifer’s Family Tragedy

Take care and don’t forget to pray for her family.

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Colin Powell: Endorses Barack Obama? did he have a choice

Many people admire Colin Powell for his service to our country with honor, dignity, and respect.  He announced today that he would endorse Barack Obama for President.  I ask what choice did he have?  For the first time in American history you have a Black Man who is more than likely to become the next President.  Though Colin Powell has been a Republican and served as Secretary of State under a Republican President, the shear weight and momentum of historic precedent forced his hand.  He in my estimation did not want to be the lone national Black figure to not endorse Barack Obama.  He has been called a sell-out by many black people but his legacy would have been ripped to shreds and he would have been embarrassed as a Black man to say he did not vote for Barack Obama.  Black Republicans are conflicted because you have something possible that they want as well even though their ideology is perpendicular to Barack Obama.  That is why a Black republican like JC Watts finds a reason to denounce the Republicans and tacitly support Barack Obama.  This momentous occasion garners significant gravity and relentlessly whips blacks of all walks to stand up and say they support Barack.  My question is this, when will the infighting start?  If you have been to a family reunion or let’s say a funeral things are good for a while and then the honeymoon starts.  At that point, the word knives and sometimes the real knives come out.  Will it be over cabinet appointments, supreme court judges, taxation, funding of education, what will cause the first fight?  Will it be based on whether or not Rev. Jesse Jackson gets enough money for his causes?


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One-time MLK lieutenant gets 15 years for incest

Article: MLK Lieutenant sentenced for incest

We know people have issues and can change over time for better or for worse.  The legacy of Dr. King has taken some recent hits with his children fighting publicly and not representing his dream and aspirations.  But the preacher who has been convicted of incest is a body blow to Dr. King’s legacy.  The good news is that America has already solidified Dr. King’s legacy through selecting Barack Obama.  This case breaks your heart though.

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Teacher Offered Better Grade For Sex

Article: Teacher exchanges grades for sex

Now most of us despise such action since we are grown up.  But what would we have done if this were the case when we were young in high school or college?  Would the answer be different based on sex?  Would guys have a different answer than women?  If your teacher offered you a higher grade based on you providing sex would you have obliged?  I am assuming the sex would have been with the opposite sex for this discussion.  Kind of nasty when you think of some of your teachers.  There are all kinds of pressures on kids and you never know who is asking them to do what.  Maybe we should take the time to make sure they are okay when they go to school.

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