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Funny Video: Trying to Rob me


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Barack: I can do whatever I like



just flat out funny

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As More Companies Seek Aid, ‘Where Do You Stop?’

We are entering a fairly new era in our American history.  The first African American President.  Expectations are through the roof.  The unfortunate side is now that we have opened up the treasury or more accurately the pockets of the American people how do you close them?  As Congress moves to bail out the auto industry why wouldn’t any company in trouble not go to the Congress with their hand out.  This will end up with Congress and the President picking winners and losers.  But the ultimate loser will be those who pay taxes.  We can’t support the bad decisions of corporate managers.  In a capitalist society sometimes businesses lose for a host of reasons.  The bail out is a big step in the wrong direction that will be hard to reverse. It seems as if there is an attempt to keep companies from failing.  Without the government owning everything how do you prevent failures in a free market?

Article: Bail out heaven, join the party

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In this economy, even sex doesn’t sell


Has it gotten that hard where the oldest profession isn’t cutting it?

Folks, this is truly a sad economy.  I am not a proponent of prostitution but have you ever seen such a thing.

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Who won the debate last night.

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My answer is that Barack did not lose and therefore being ahead he by default wins the debate.  But the real winner is Joe the plumber.   He is now a household name and on every talk show this morning.  How would you like to be the face of a Presidential race simply for asking one question.

Joe the Plumber: Obama’s tax plan infuriates me

Ohio Plumber becomes focus of debate

Will this election be decided by people like Joe the plumber

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Martial Law

Did the President force Congress to pass bail out legislation by threatening martial law?  Of course this on the face seems laughable but then again don’t laugh.  There are some reports or news snippets claiming or espousing this very thing.  Not that I am a conspiracy theorist but I have to pay attention to these rumblings every so often.  One Congressman stated this on C-SPAN today.  There are some serious problems ahead in this economy and we are not being told the truth.  We are borrowing money at a rate that is not sustainable.  The government is seizing power without restraint through buying up banks.  Someone said we are in crazy town USA.  Hyper-inflation is going to be a problem within the next 2-3 years.  Spending without savings will be our downfall.

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Is Capitalism dying?

The Washington Post has an article out stating that capitalism is a casualty of this economic slowdown.  The End of American Capitalism.  People who view our country as the example of what to become are questioning our values, our system, and our beliefs.  Credit is the lifeblood of our capitalist society.   That is the problem.  We are not a cash based society.  We are a credit based society.  Capitalism works but when credit is the exchange currency, it becomes a house of cards or dominoes ready to fall at any time.

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Bail Out grows, language changes

Since the crisis is spreading and growing, the Secretary of the Treasury is signalling that the US may invest in banks to shore up confidence.  Article: US to invest in banks.This in layman’s terms means they are going to spend more of your money to stop the bleeding.  The credit markets and financial markets are frozen but the underlying problems besides corruption, greed, etc are fear and lack of confidence.  That doesn’t change suddenly.  We are going to be in this mess for a while.  They are starting to predict approximately 2 years.  Whoever wins the presidency is going to have to govern during hard economic times and will have to make hard choices that are going to piss off their constituents.  So if you are expecting an improvement in your circumstances immediately, you will be disappointed.

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AIG parties after bail out

You know, personally I am sure I am losing money in the stock market but just bailing out the fat cats is not going to save my money.  So this story out this morning pisses me off and confirms my suspicions even more.  Have you heard yet.  Just before AIG filed bankruptcy, we the federal government bailed them out and the executives went to a resort and spent up to the tune of over 400, 000 dollars for a weekend. 

Article: AIG parties on your nickel

Now, if you are living large on your own money, no problem, hey I wish I could too.  But when you are living large at my expense while crying poverty, now you are screwing up.  Fool me one shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.  I have felt the whole time we the American people were getting sucker punched.  Neither Barack nor McCain had the courage to tell us the truth.  These banks, and wall street, and Congress took us to the cleaners and they are still doing it while smiling in your face.  When do we get pissed off and say not this time.  Having us become the piggy bank for companies is a recipe for a repression but when you add no accountability it turnss into a depression.

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Do people have a heart?

If you haven’t heard a 90 year old  Ohio woman tried to commit suicide after officers tried to evict her from her home because she could no longer afford it.  Ohio woman, 90, attempts suicide after foreclosure…  Maybe I am a softy or something but what officer would try to kick a 90 year old woman out of her home.  Again, I repeat a 90 year old woman.  I just would not have the heart to try to kick her out.  After the attempt became public, Fannie Mae decided to forgive the loan and let the woman keep her home.  It should never have come to this.

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