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Black Racist Weekly Radio Address

Now this week will be different from last week’s radio address.  What you will hear today will be the truth.  What you heard last week was a bunch of non-sense, hate speech and propaganda.  We are days away from electing the first Black President and the white folks are going crazy.  They will do whatever it takes to  disparage this man.  Here you have a half-black and half-white man and they still don’t believe he should be the President.  If he were all-black he wouldn’t even stand a chance.  So what is wrong with this picture.  They believe they are losing control of the country.  Well so be it.  It is our time to run this _________.  When we take over we are going to call it the Black House and all others use the back entrance.  That will be something.  Master will be Black.

Now for the rest of the news in review.  They forced Mayor Kilpatrick to accept a plea even though they know he is innocent.  Whites have lifted McCain to a slim lead over Barack Obama.  The republicans true to form were displaying their racism in the form of a waffle box laced with negative racial stereotypes of Barack Obama.  They didn’t think we would find out.  Just because Barack’s father was a Muslim, and his name has Muslim roots doesn’t mean he is a Muslim.  And just because he hung out with a known terrorist again does not mean he is a terrorist.  They will label you with whatever lie they can.  See they believe if you tell a lie long enough someone will believe it.  You had 3 teens charged in cross burning incident.  See the white devils teach their kids to hate us.  I don’t know why because we are lovable people with no ill intent against anyone.  They need to let go of their hate because as Rodney King said “can’t we all get along”


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