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Black Woman who beat Sarah

Rev Wright and another sex scandal

Biden says Hillary the better pick

Willie Brown Will Make You Mad as Hell

Are we intellectually honest?

O.J. Jury Selection & You

Can Obama get his grove back?

Woman switching sides

Wells Fargo to double lending to black owned businesses

Obama to use women to fight Palin

Oprah says no Sarah

Soldier forced to sleep in car

Where is Jesse Jackson?

What does the black racist see?

7 round fight

Detroit Mayor pleads Guilty. Takes a plea.

Hillary Voters don’t Like Sarah

Celebration ongoing, nightmare unfolding

Did Bill deliver for Barack Obama?

For crying out loud? What is her problem?

Hillary and Barack winners last night

Bill Clinton: What did he mean?

Is Barack safe at his convention?

Clinton Supporters: What are they saying and thinking?

Michelle Obama: Hits a Home Run

Barack Chooses: Let the fight begin

Obama has selected his running mate

Global Warming? Coolest Temp in 5 years

Obama’s brother lives on less than 2 dollars a month

Fay: Catastrophic

King’s Kids Quarrelling

Obama says Abortion question above his pay grade

Teachers Packing

Bigfoot. Proof or Hoax?

Obama woos abortion foes

US Olympic Basketball Team 3-0

Lil Kim and Playboy

Do Companies Pay Federal Income Tax

Clinton did not do it.

Olympic Swimming 400 relay team

Fearless dog saves family

Is hair loss a thing of the past?

Did you know? Race Riot led to NAACP.

Isaac Hayes is gone

Bernie Mac Gone at 50

Whites Losing Control of America?

Edwards admits to extramarital affair

106 MPG car

L’Oreal/Beyonce Whitewash?

Nader: Obama Not Black Prez He Hoped For

Kidnapper or Rescuer?

Oh No Mary J.

Too Funny

Man charged over Obama, Bush death threats

Governor to preside.

Barack and the Press? Is this Cartoon Racist?

Obama leading McCain in the Polls

Hackers steal 40 million credit card numbers

Widespread or Not? racism

Most subprime loans didn’t go to low-income borrowers

Freeman in ‘good spirits’ after car crash surgery

Obama’s 5 million dollar birthday party

Black Students Showing Strong Gains

Why many Americans prefer their Sundays segregated

Michelle Obama: Mom-in-Chief

Clinton:Obama ready? Yes or No?

Ludacris. Helping or Hurting Obama?

Preacher Kills Wife. What about the children?

I’m ghetto and I represent my culture better than anyone

Where are the Clintons?

Aids. Do you know?

Obama: Affirmative action still needed

New US Postage Stamps Honor Early Black Cinema

Why People Hate America

Read this — eventually we will all hate Obama too

For the fun of it– check this out

“I’m a Mama’s Boy– is he serious? Love my woman or stay with Mama

In the News: CNNs Black in America

If another race says you are not acting Black what does that mean?

If you don’t support Barack Obama are you still Black?

Field Negro vs House Negro (Jesse Jackson vs Barack Obama)

Define what it means to be Black

Can Obama win even as a Black Man.

Crime and the response


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