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As More Companies Seek Aid, ‘Where Do You Stop?’

We are entering a fairly new era in our American history.  The first African American President.  Expectations are through the roof.  The unfortunate side is now that we have opened up the treasury or more accurately the pockets of the American people how do you close them?  As Congress moves to bail out the auto industry why wouldn’t any company in trouble not go to the Congress with their hand out.  This will end up with Congress and the President picking winners and losers.  But the ultimate loser will be those who pay taxes.  We can’t support the bad decisions of corporate managers.  In a capitalist society sometimes businesses lose for a host of reasons.  The bail out is a big step in the wrong direction that will be hard to reverse. It seems as if there is an attempt to keep companies from failing.  Without the government owning everything how do you prevent failures in a free market?

Article: Bail out heaven, join the party


November 12, 2008 - Posted by | Economics, Education

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