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Bond Gets Black in Action

Yes someone went there.  Now should James Bond be Black as well.  This was just a fun article to post.  Our community is simply excited and for that matter, the world is excited that America has changed and moved to some extent towards a color-blind society. 

No offense to Daniel Craig, but with Barack Obama headed to the White House, our photog thought James Bond could go Black — and while our guy listed off any Black actor he could think of, one 007 had a more obscure dude in mind.
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Slight problem — Colin already played another MI6 agent in three existing Bond films.


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and then there was 44

Economic Transtition.

Whatever you think, one thing strikes me.  These are two men that America has placed their trust in.

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Condoms Trump Abstinence in Obama Global AIDS Policy

President-elect Obama will undo some of President Buh’s policy via reversing many of Bush’s executive orders. 

Article: Abstinence vs condoms

Elections have consequences and to the victor goes the spoils.  Do many of you consider it better to preach abstinence or should children be taught to use condoms.  For a father, what do you do when your teenage daughter wants to discuss condoms and their usage?  After picking yourself off of the floor what do you do?  Is it easier when your son asks or does it matter?  I don’t know if it gets any easier as the kids increase.  Talk to me tell me which do you prefer abstinence or condoms.


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