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In this economy, even sex doesn’t sell


Has it gotten that hard where the oldest profession isn’t cutting it?

Folks, this is truly a sad economy.  I am not a proponent of prostitution but have you ever seen such a thing.


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The morning after

For some, the sunrise of Nov 5th will be a sunset.  The challenge to Barack Obama will be to get the sun to rise for everyone at the same time.  I am not very old but I have seen a number of presidential elections in my lifetime and I don’t understand why in this election there is talk of half of us being disappointed.  That is true in every election so what is the difference?  Because Barack is black there is still some concern regarding how one side or the other will react depending on who wins.  I believe the country has moved further along than that and is a more tolerant nation. 

Article:  How will people react?


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