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Is there anything wrong with being a Black Republican?

Thanks to a fellow blogger,  I have pondered this question.   I am often mistaken for a Black Republican since I tend to want government to get out of my way.  I don’t want to pay more in taxes.  I don’t want someone to take from another man to give to me.  I believe that it is better to teach a man to fish rather than to give him a fish.  See when you give him a fish he will come back the next day and ask for another one.  If someone saw a grown man sucking on a pacifier we would think that was wrong.  What if a grown man was still breast feeding,  wouldn’t that be ridiculous.   Most of us black folks expect our worlds to improve drastically if Barack Obama wins.  I don’t because the President is limited.  Congress has the power.  Some of the changes will eventually be problematic later in life.  Just one example.  Has anyone noticed that the age of retirement keeps creeping up.  Why is that and does it matter?  Well because the government that us blacks folk love, keeps spending your social security money and therefore they need more money.  So they changed the retirement age.  Most black men die before ever seeing their retirement income from social security.  That to me is asinine. 

So being a democrat or a republican is not the issue.  What you stand for is.  Martin Luther King would probably be socially conservative and fiscally liberal.  He probably would not agree with the Democratic party on abortion.  Actually most black people don’t but yet we support the democratic party 95%. Are they Santa Claus bearing gifts  to get us out of poverty?  Vote however you feel just know why you are voting.  Having a black as the President is going to be great for only one reason.  It says you can accomplish your dreams even in America independent of your race.  That is a very important message.  With that we will get more abortions on demand.  Higher taxes, regardless of your income as long as you have an income.   A higher retirement age.  More open borders.  More money into education, but no better education because money is not the only problem there.  A little more money into our communities which will be good.  No change in the number of blacks in prison.  No change in the number of high school drop outs.  Many of the issues that are not going to change are because they are typically not problems for the government to solve.  Power in the hand of man ultimately corrupts the man if he is not respectful of those who gave him the power.  Does anyone believe the people in Washington respect or care what you think?  I am very excited to see a Black Man become President because that will inspire a lot of us to get off of our butts hopefully. 


October 24, 2008 - Posted by | Black Experience, power politics


  1. Great post!

    To answer your question, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a black Republican. People have a right to subscribe to whatever political ideology they choose.

    While I am not personally a black Republican, I respect the right of others to choose this path if they so wish.

    Interestingly, I like you, hold a lot of so called “conservative views,” however I will never be a Republican because I do not agree with their general failure to reach out to people of color. Furthermore, after the race-baiting tactics I’ve seen in this election cycle, I now know that I could NEVER be a member of that party.

    Although I’ve always been a registered Democrat, my political ideologies probably fit better with the Independent party.

    Comment by Cheri T. | October 25, 2008

  2. Hi Cheri. Thanks for the rsponse. I have a question for you. What would you describe as issues unique to our community? And of those unique issues what progress has been made under either the republican party or democratic party. Keep in mind the highest office held by a Black man or woman in American until now has been Secretary of State. Both being Republicans, Secretary Colin Powell and Secretary Rice. Power and position whether symbolic or not has significance. The Democrtas may give us the first Black President. So some progress has been made and we need to appreciate that.

    Comment by blacknessdefined | October 25, 2008

  3. The Dems may not be Santa Claus, but the Party That Wrecked America has behaved like the Klan in my lifetime, and I’m old enough to remember the day MLK was assassinated. The McCain-Palin rallies have been a reflection of this.

    You also mentioned power having significance. So does the wooden handle of the axe that chops down the tree.

    Comment by Kit (Keep It Trill) | October 27, 2008

  4. understood Kit. if we open the klan line of reasoning I am not sure either party would fare that well. The dems look to give us the first black president and that is significant.

    Comment by blacknessdefined | October 27, 2008

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