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Colin Powell: Endorses Barack Obama? did he have a choice

Many people admire Colin Powell for his service to our country with honor, dignity, and respect.  He announced today that he would endorse Barack Obama for President.  I ask what choice did he have?  For the first time in American history you have a Black Man who is more than likely to become the next President.  Though Colin Powell has been a Republican and served as Secretary of State under a Republican President, the shear weight and momentum of historic precedent forced his hand.  He in my estimation did not want to be the lone national Black figure to not endorse Barack Obama.  He has been called a sell-out by many black people but his legacy would have been ripped to shreds and he would have been embarrassed as a Black man to say he did not vote for Barack Obama.  Black Republicans are conflicted because you have something possible that they want as well even though their ideology is perpendicular to Barack Obama.  That is why a Black republican like JC Watts finds a reason to denounce the Republicans and tacitly support Barack Obama.  This momentous occasion garners significant gravity and relentlessly whips blacks of all walks to stand up and say they support Barack.  My question is this, when will the infighting start?  If you have been to a family reunion or let’s say a funeral things are good for a while and then the honeymoon starts.  At that point, the word knives and sometimes the real knives come out.  Will it be over cabinet appointments, supreme court judges, taxation, funding of education, what will cause the first fight?  Will it be based on whether or not Rev. Jesse Jackson gets enough money for his causes?



October 19, 2008 - Posted by | Black Experience, Education, family, power politics

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