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The rest of the campaign

I heard something today that made me realise something.  Last night during the debate the two Presidential candidates agreed unknowingly that the rest of the campaign will be about taxes and spending.  John McCain will attempt to show that Barack will make government bigger and spend more.  McCain opened up an  opportunity for his campaign that may close the gap some through an unsuspecting bystander called Joe.  Joe the plumber is now the face of this race.  McCain will keep it that way and that helps him.  Many people may identify with Joe and therefore may decide whose policies will best help Joe and themselves.  The election is not over by far and the polls which will vary wildly show the race tightening.  For McCain to win, this election has to be about someone other than himself.  He is old, uncharismatic, intelligent but boring, and therefore lacks a connection with people.  Thus he needed Sarah Palin to galvanize supporters and she has.  Now he needed someone else to pin his economic face on and he has found him in Joe the plumber.  If you talked with him alone with no chance of a leak, McCain himself would have said there is no chance he would win prior to last night’s debate.  Now that he has a chance he is now enthusiastic, with some air underneath his wings.  In the end he alone will have to make the case that he is the one people are voting for because Joe is not on the ballot, McCain is.  This will be a cliff hanger and will be down to the last votes.


October 16, 2008 - Posted by | Education, power politics, world affairs

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