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What does the white racist see?


Now folks, here is a little different perspective or world view.  This is the view of America from the white racist perspective.

Today is Black Friday appropriately named because nothing good can be identified with Black.  The stock market is crashing because all of those n_______ got home loans they could not afford.  I took my money out of wall street a long time ago when whites started integrating with the lower race.  America can’t support itself and we are borrowing  money from the chicoms.  Then we import oil from rag heads who hate us.  This country makes me sick.  Whites are losing control of America and their future.  Now it is possible that a n_____ could become the President of the United States of America and occupy the white house.  What kind of s___ is that.  Call me crazy but how did we get to this point.  Learning our history is important and critical to changing this thing around.  The first thing that is necessary is to vote for the all-white ticket.  Biden should be ashamed of himself, being a traitor.  I respected him before he lost his mind.  We can’t undo segregation but we can keep power.  Just do the right thing and vote the right way.  You can’t ignore the news.  The economy is crashing also because people are afraid of a n______ gaining true power.


October 10, 2008 - Posted by | Education, power politics

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