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What do we expect from Barack?

There is a growing sense that Barack Obama will be the next President.  Now will he be the first or second Black President?  Or have we relegated Clinton to non-black status? Managing expectations for Barack is very tough.  As a Black man he is presumed to favor solving African American issues.  So he will be scrutinized intensely by all races.  My question to us is what does he have to do to make you happy should he be elected?


1.  How many black cabinet members does he have to appoint?

2.  If he afforded the opportunity to appoint a supreme court justice, does the individual have to be black?

3.  Does he have to invest more in black schools, communities etc than predominately white?

4.  If you lose your job will it be his fault?

5. If he is criticized by other blacks are they traitors?

6. If you lose your home will it be his fault?

7.  What in your life has to change in order for you to feel he looked out for you?

8. Does he have to provide universal health care to be a successful President?

The President has significant authority and trust bestowed upon him by the American people, but do we understand his limitations.  If the Democrats get 60 seats in the Senate, which would be a veto proof majority, can the President make them do anything?  The hope is that the President does not become an empty suit.  What does Barack have to do for you?


October 9, 2008 - Posted by | Education, power politics

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