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After the debate and after finishing at work, I had to pick my son up from work.  He missed the debate but he asked who won.  My response was that Barack won but that someone else lost.  Guess who?  Yes John McCain but worse, we the American people lost.   See, these debates expose the candidates to very few surprise questions and very few tough questions.  It is the equivalent of playing baseball but pitching with a softball and throwing underhanded at 20 miles and hour.  Having only 90 minutes with the intent to ask a certain number of questions without significant back and forth is entertaining but rarely informative.

Barack won on style and arguably in substance depending on the question.  What do you know about the candidates that you didn’t already know.  And if you were independent, did any question and answer change your mind or help you make up your mind.  See, the moderator in my estimation should have the facts and when someone says something false(a lie in our terms) the moderator should drill down and force them to support their statements with facts. 

Barack Obama, if the election were held today, would win.  There are only 2 reasons he could lose.  That is another blog to come later.  But we lost because, I didn’t see much of substance last night and you could almost say what the candidates would say before they responded.


October 8, 2008 - Posted by | Black Experience, Education, power politics

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