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AIG parties after bail out

You know, personally I am sure I am losing money in the stock market but just bailing out the fat cats is not going to save my money.  So this story out this morning pisses me off and confirms my suspicions even more.  Have you heard yet.  Just before AIG filed bankruptcy, we the federal government bailed them out and the executives went to a resort and spent up to the tune of over 400, 000 dollars for a weekend. 

Article: AIG parties on your nickel

Now, if you are living large on your own money, no problem, hey I wish I could too.  But when you are living large at my expense while crying poverty, now you are screwing up.  Fool me one shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.  I have felt the whole time we the American people were getting sucker punched.  Neither Barack nor McCain had the courage to tell us the truth.  These banks, and wall street, and Congress took us to the cleaners and they are still doing it while smiling in your face.  When do we get pissed off and say not this time.  Having us become the piggy bank for companies is a recipe for a repression but when you add no accountability it turnss into a depression.


October 8, 2008 - Posted by | Economics

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