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California in trouble. NY in trouble. US auto in trouble.


I know many of you have been watching the bail out bill signed into law by President Bush.  Are you also noticing that California and New York are in trouble also.   We also bailed out the US auto manufactures.  The raid on the treasury funds has begun and will not end.  That means your money will continue to be spent or more importantly your future is being mortgaged without your consent.  But silence is consent isn’t it.


New York Deficit Swells…

 US Auto Industry Lifeline

We who pay taxes are being asked to take it in the shorts for a lot of bad decisions, corruption, and greed.  When will it be enough.  Our economy is built on a stack of cards and when the wind blows it will come tumbling down.  Debt is a problem and we have no appetite for making the hard choices and saying to our government officials only spend what you bring in.  But I forgot they don’t make money they just spend ours.  The recipe for disaster is to give someone power but no accountability.  We are going to pay a price for our inability to control our passion for credit.  President said we are addicted to oil which is true but we are also addicted to credit.  At some point you must pay the piper.


October 4, 2008 - Posted by | Economics, Education

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