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Democrats getting worried.

Since McCain has jumped in the polls some Democrats in DC are starting to get worried.  There are many ups and downs in campaigns so why are they ready to jump ship already?  Their lack of confidence in Barack is apparent. 

Article: Dems confidence in Barack waning

This may be temporary but Barackneeds to shore up his support within the ranks and then go get the independents in order to win.  People are very fickle and flaky. This highlights a larger problem for Barack.  Control of the Democratic Party hangs in the balance.  Barack needs the DNC party for advertisement purposes and to disseminate his message throughout the rank and file to galvanize the foot soldiers for maximum effect.  He took control from the Clintons unceremoniously and prematurely in some folks mine.  Don’t forget that he has been a major operative within the ranks for a long time and he hasn’t built up the associations nd connections necessary to weather the storm.  If he is still down in the middle of October look for max exodus from within his ranks so that the Democrats minimize their loses.  How can the Democrats be in this position with all of the pointers expecting them to have sweeping victories.


September 12, 2008 - Posted by | power politics

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