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Woman switching sides


This Presidential election as always will hinge on swing voters.  Women appear to be that group.  I thought when Obama decided not to select Hillary as his running mate that he left an opening for McCain.  However, I did not believe McCain would choose a woman but I thought that would be his best move.  He caught everyone by surprise and now he has energized his base by choosing Palin.  The problem for Barack is that Joe Biden doesn’t excite anyone.  Who would vote for Biden if Barack were not running? This election looks to be decided by who has the momentum going into November. McCain has it at the moment.  In politics 2 months is an eternity so things can change drastically in that time.

Right now the dirt teams are scouring in Palin’s past to see what they can find.  October surprises are common in Presidential politics, so this one will be no different.  Will there be enough in her past to take her down?  So far all they have is that she may have fired someone vindictively. 

Obama had a 32 point lead among women less than 2 weeks ago and now that lead is down to 12.  A 20 point swing in such a short period of time shows the impact Palin has had.  You could also say people who did not want to vote for Barack now have a reason to vote for McCain that they did not have before.  This will be a very close election unless we have some major surprises between now and November.

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September 9, 2008 - Posted by | Black Experience, Education, power politics

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