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7 round fight (Rebulicans 2 Democrats 1) score card

Democrats and Republicans are in a seven  round fight.

Round One: Democratic Convention: Democrats win

Round Two: Republican Convention: Republicans win

Round Three: immediately after republican convention: Republicans win.

Round Four: First Presidential Debate

Round Five: VP Debate

Round Six: Second Presidential Debate

Round Seven: Third Presidential Debate

Judges decide: November Election


Barack Obama is a new and exciting candidates for the Democratic party. John McCain is not exciting but he chose someone who excites the Republican base. Therefore now the republican party faithfuls are motivated to get their candidate elected. The big question is which one energizes the swing voters.  When the republican convention is over an intense battle will ensue on the campaign circuit.  Blackness defined will keep the score card on the fight.  Please weigh in with your analysis of who is winning the fight.


September 4, 2008 - Posted by | Black Experience, Education, power politics

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