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What does the black racist see?


Now that Barack Obama has been selected by the Democratic Party to be its presidential nominee what does the black racist see?  Do the facts really matter, or is their vision  tainted and  impaired through the prism of pain, hatred, denial, or self-deception?  Racism is defined as hostile or oppressive behaviour towards people because they belong to a different race.  The pain that Blacks harbor is borne of oppression, but now that the glass ceiling as been severely cracked with Barack’s nomination and would shatter if he were elected, how do you feel?  Tavis Smiley on a radio program this week intimated that racism is no longer restrictive on the Black Community and that the country has broken through the paralysis that results from racism.  Whether you agree with that assertion or not what do you conclude from the following facts?

1. fact: Barack Obama, a black man, an African-American is the Democratic Presidential Nominee. 

black racist: He is a token Negro who will not have any real power.

2. fact: Barack Obama is a black man.

black racist: He is half-black and he really isn’t black enough. Where has he been during the struggle?

3. fact: Barack Obama won Iowa which has 2.5% Black people, therefore Barack Obama needed a lot of white people to vote for him.

black racist: He is one of them, so they were not voting for a black man.  If he were darker he would not have won at all. 

4. fact: Barack Obama won states with a lot of white folks and not a lot of black folks.

black racist: He is not an authentic brother.  He is a phony and they love a phony who would be a pawn.

5. fact: Barack Obama selected Joe Biden as his running mate to shore up his foreign policy credentials.

black racist:  You see the white man will be the power behind the throne.  Barack will be an empty suit and whitey will not give up his power.

6. fact: Barack has thousand of white volunteers and supporters working behind the scenes in anonymity to assist him in his election efforts.

black racist: The whites that like him only like him because he is a rock star and more like them than most brothers.  He doesn’t talk like us nor walk like us, nor act like us, nor look like us.

7. fact: Barack Obama spoke  at large rallies overseas to adoring crowds.  He has an even larger following here in the United States.

black racist: Barack is being set up and he doesn’t even know it. His ignorance will destroy him.

8. fact: There are some black voters that are going to vote for John McCain. 

black racist:  They are a bunch of uncle toms and sell-outs.  I would only vote for a brother.

9. fact: If Barack Obama wins it would in part be a realization of Martin Luther King’s dream.

black racist: I would only vote for a black man

As you can see there are some strong feelings out there.  I will have more parodies like this in the future.  Does the black racist have any valid points or his he or she locked in a time warp as the world moves forward?


August 31, 2008 - Posted by | Black Experience, Education, power politics


  1. Yeah Barack…..get of this time warp people and Keep Dr. King’s dream alive….one day all of God’s childen, Black men, white men, Jews, Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics….you know the rest. Vote! Vote! Vote! How many black Presidents in the past? N O N E! Now we finally have ONE!

    Comment by Cynthia | September 3, 2008

  2. is america ready for a black man to be president?

    Comment by blacknessdefined | September 4, 2008

  3. When I read this post, it was like talking to many of my “black racists” friends. There is no logic in their arguments, but it’s impossible to dissuade them

    Comment by Mocha Dad | September 6, 2008

  4. The funny thing is when emotions are involved the facts no longer matter. The good news is emotions indicate a level of personal investment in the issue. The bad news is we get mired in negative thinking without critcal analysis.

    Comment by blacknessdefined | September 7, 2008

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