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Where is Jesse Jackson

Jesse has been converted and repeats the mantra of change we can believe in.  After all of the controversy surrounding Jesse and Barack would it be unconscionable to give Jesse a prominent speaking role at the Democratic Convention?  If Barack could forgive the Clintons and give both of them prime time slots why not give the man who helped paved the way for Barack a last hooray?  Jesse is a historic black figure who changed the way primary votes correlated to delegates in the democratic party.  Without this change, the Democrats would have crowned Hillary Clinton tonight.  So I ask again, should Barack have invited Jesse to speak?

Article: Field Negro vs House Negro (Jesse vs Barack)


August 27, 2008 - Posted by | power politics


  1. I can’t see it. He did pave the way but we don’t need anybody’s nuts getting cut off while in Denver. It just would have been a distraction after Jesse ran his mouth a little ways back. Plus you know how they feel about Jesse, those folks don’t feel the same way about Hillary and Bill, he needed their support he didn’t NEED Jesse’s.

    Comment by blackandmarried(TheDad) | August 31, 2008

  2. you are right he didn’t need Jesse but from a historical perspective would that have been nostalgic? Giving honor where itis due with limited purpose.

    Comment by blacknessdefined | August 31, 2008

  3. No need for Jesse at this time….he may make the wrong comment again….sorry Jesse!

    Comment by Cynthia | September 3, 2008

  4. I hope he is hiding under a rock with 2 tons of sand on top of it. There is nothing worse than an old fool.

    Comment by kiki michelle | September 9, 2008

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