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Clinton Supporters: What are they saying and thinking?

One of the chief architects of President Bill Clinton two presidential campaigns, has been the not so subtle attacker of Obama  at the Democratic convention.  Not to be overly analytical and cynical, you have to wonder why would someone from the Clinton Power Circle hit Obama publicly on the first night of the convention?  James Carville who is loyal to the Clintons, immediately argued on CNN and other outlets yesterday and today, the morning after, that Barack Obama wasted the first night of the convention.  I still believe he has been sent out by the Clintons to signal to Mrs. ‘ supporters that she is not happy and would be okay if they did not give Barack Obama 100 percent support. 

Carville also has repeatedly said that Barack Obama has to win over the Clinton supporters and that their vote is not easily garnered.  Why would he do that if not to say to Barack Obama you need us, the Clintons, and to date you don’t have us?  I know what I think, but what do you think?


August 26, 2008 - Posted by | Education, family, power politics

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