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Barack Chooses: Let the fight begin

Democratic Presidential presumptive nominee Barack Obama has selected a Vice Presidential running mate in Senator Joe Biden.  The first rule in politics is do no harm in selecting a running mate.  The fight has begun or should I say have continued.  You would think it is a fight between Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals. No this fight is for the heart and soul of the Democratic party.

Whether you are a Obama supporter or a Clinton supporter, the line has been drawn in the sand and you will have to choose.  You or either for us or against us is the internal mantra.   To understand this you have to understand the mindset of the Clintons.    President Clinton dreamed of beng president and lived his dream.  Her dream has not materialized.  Their marriage appears to be as much about the consolidation and accumulation of power as it has to do with love.  I am not one to comment on another’s marriage but from a 50 thousand foot view that would be the analysis.  The Clintons believed this past primary would be a coronation and they bet the farm on it.  Prior to super Tuesday during the primaries when she had suffered  an unbelievable lost,  Mrs. Clinton made the statement that I heard with my own hears that  “things will get back to the way they should be” on super Tuesday.  Meaning should would reclaim the lead and go on to be the nominee.  In politics, you have to consider who wins and loses with each event.  Politics are a never ending war.  If Barack Obama wins the election he would be the nominee in 2012 and Ms Clinton would be on the outside.  Mrs. Clinton did not run for the Senate to be a senator.  She selected New York for tactical and strategic reasons.  She wins if Barack and Biden lose this election.  McCain has sent the message that he would only serve one term.  Remember, if McCain is elected he would be the oldest person elected to be the President.  Mrs. Clinton has her surrogates putting out the message that she is not happy and was slighted.  Article: mixed reaction

If the Clintons were team players why would they have her named placed in the nomination for a roll call vote during the convention?  Being  cynical, one could conclude they intend to build their enemy and retaliation list and/or remain in the spotlight, and/or embarrass Barack Obama.  Some feel the 18 million votes she garnered during the primaries was sufficient reason to select her as a running mate and thus unite the party.  Barack Obama made a different calculation and it remains to be seen whether he was right.  I have not seen the Clintons give Barack Obama  a 100 percent endorsement.  My question therefore remains why not and where are the Clinton?

Secondly, politics makes strange bed  fellows.  Senator Biden said during the Democratic Primary process that he felt Barack Obama is not ready to be President and that he would not be anyone’s second string.  Will he help Barack enough to get him elected?  I believe John McCain could fill the void and capture some Clinton supporters by selecting a centrist female as his VP.  This will be a close election.  What are your thoughts?

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