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Clinton:Obama ready? Yes or No?

President Clinton could not definitively say  Barack Obama is ready to be President.  Whether you agree or not with Barack being the President, wouldn’t an emphatic endorsement by your parties latest and most popular living President mean a lot?

Clinton: Ready or Not?

It would seem to indicate the Clintons are sore losers.  This could also be pawned off as the media being overly analytical or very synical.  The Clintons play power politics.  They have money so that can’t be the objective.  They are popular people who walk in and out of socially and politically elite circles.  So if we reduce this to pedestrian terms,  Mr. and Mrs. Clinton desire for Mrs. Clinton to be President trumps everything.  She wants to win in 2012 period.  She is the only one who wins if Barack Obama loses besides John McCain.  Read the article Where are the Clintons?/.


August 5, 2008 - Posted by | power politics

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