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Obama: Affirmative action still needed

A recent Essence article discusses Black Republicans and things that cause them to vote for Republicans vs Democrats.  One significant issue is affirmative action.  Republicans say it is not necessary and every opportunity is available to those who want it.  In fact, they say the unintended consequence of affirmative action is that people assume blacks are in positions of power and influence only as a result of affirmative action and not their qualifications.

Barack Obama and Democrats believe affirmative action programs are critical and part of the success story of the Black Community.  They view it as access and a helping hand to those disadvantage from cultural and institutional biases.  Can both be right?  Is affirmative action the only way for a black person to be successful? What do you think?


July 29, 2008 - Posted by | Black Experience


  1. Of course some achieve without AA but it’s still necessary. The playing field is not and may never be level so it’s needed. Surprised that is a reason why the go republican, I would have thought it was more for financial beleifs, i.e. taxes and such or the desire to rise in the party. If you’re black and wear a suit you an be the man in the republican party LOL

    Comment by blackandmarried | July 31, 2008

  2. Thanks for the comment blackandmarried. What woud constitute the playing field being level? I think republicans do have a host of areas in which they disagree with democrats. I didn’t mean to portray the most significant disagreement to be AA. Back to a level playing field. Many would point to Barack Obama as an example of a level playing field at the highest level. Where would you say AA is needed? Is it needed in politics, sports, education, corporations, government contracts etc. Looking at the opportunities available via the internet, does the internet offer a veil to hide color and thus allow one to succeed independent of race?

    Comment by blacknessdefined | August 1, 2008

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