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I have to admit upfront I did not see the special last night.  I understand it will highlight different issues each time.  I did read some of the commentary afterwards and became frustrated with one of them in particular.  One sister who identifies herself as Black educated women in America comlpains that it “seems the higher you get up the corporate ladder the slimmer “the pickings” become for finding an eligible mate in the African-American community. This started my blood to boil.  The implication though maybe not intended is that somehow the more educated a Black Woman is the less Black Men of equal or higher education or social status she finds.  Is she equating her worth and value to her job position and level of education?  I am well-educated with advance degrees etc and I am not intimidated by anyone who has been formally educated. Furthermore,  I acknowledge you alone should decide what qualifications are required of your partner in life.  Whatever the socio-economic and political status required should the value of a man or woman be reduced to those things?  A person should offer somthing complimentary to you.  The sister seems frustrated to the point of considering dating outside of the race.  I take no issue with that either.  I just want to know is money and education the new currency of love?


July 24, 2008 - Posted by | Black Experience, Relationships

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