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“I’m a Mama’s Boy– is he serious? Love my woman or stay with Mama

In the March 2008 issue of the Essence Magazine, an article described a gentleman as a Mama’s Boy.  During the article the 29 year old brother stated ” There was no way my mother would like my choosing a woman she had never met over her”.  We have seen this before where a man needs and wants his mother’s approval?  We all do if we love our mothers and our potential wife.  That part is normal.  The abnormality is the paralyses that ensues when you require your mother’s approval before you validate the woman in your life.  By the time you are 29, you should have a decent idea of what kind of woman you like and would make you happy.  Afterall, mama isn’t the one who is going to make your toes curl up during the cold winter night.  I am no psychologist but you should become independent of your mother at some point and become a leader in your own right.  Our strength is derived from the love of our mother and families.  Don’t be co-dependent all of your life on mama.  She needs you to take care of her later in life.


July 24, 2008 - Posted by | Black Experience, Relationships

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  1. All I can say right now is AMEN!!!!

    Comment by kikimichelle84 | July 28, 2008

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