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If another race says you are not acting Black what does that mean?

If you have been around a lot of races you have probably heard someone say that brother doesn’t act Black.  This is another way of asking the question what does it mean to be Black but from another angle.  We have been portrayed in many ways in the media and entertainment complex.  Some of the stereotypes may have some element of truth, or rather there are some in our community who bare witness to the negative portrayals.  But if someone says that about a Black person, who are they insulting him/her or the rest of us?  To make the statement that someone does not act Black there would have to be a definitive way to act Black.  It usually is associated with thuggery, ignorance, or some form of foolishness.  Many times the person making the statement believes he or she is complimenting the community and insulting the individual but in my view they are insulting both.  To make such a statement has to be a commentary on the way the person walks, talks, and or thinks.  I don’t see much by the way of that being complimentary to anyone.  It may be a small thing at times but it does speak to a core issue.  You don’t have to see yourself through someone else’s eyes but you need to at least know how they see you.


July 24, 2008 - Posted by | Black Experience

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