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If you don’t support Barack Obama are you still Black?

Barack Obama has overwhelming support in the Black Community.  Such that it is a forgone conclusion that every Black person voting in the general election will vote for him.  What about those who do not vote for him?  Should they turn in their black card and declare themselves otherwise?  Can the black community accept those who see things differently and dare express a divergent thought?  Or, should those people be declared brain dead and sent off to the thought police to have their brains surgically altered?  This brings to mind larger issues such as who accurately reflects and addresses the needs of the community.  But for now let’s focus on those who have and utilize independent thought.   Whether you agree or not one has to consider alternative points of view and weigh them out.  Some of those who see differently consider their religious beliefs as a reason for not voting for Barack Obama, ie. abortion, right to life etc.  Others see his foreign policy as a point of contention.  For whatever the reason they see things differently.  Is this to be encouraged or discouraged?  What is also interesting is that as the Black Community wrestles with this issue, the white community has similar tensions. For example, what has made Barack Obama unique among Black men and women that he would be a viable candidate to the larger community.  Are Joe Biden’s comments correct?

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

That perspective would bemean those before Barack Obama who are articulate.  Whether you like his politics you would have to agree that Alan Keyes is articulate as are many others before Barack Obama.  The term mainstream begs for discussion.  Are the needs and aspirations of the black community mainstream enough to be considered in the national debate?   When you think about Barack’s appeal to the masses is he and his black bretheren accepted or is he a unique Black person?


July 23, 2008 - Posted by | Black Experience

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  1. i believe if a black person doesnt vote for obama that doesnt make them any less black and they should not consider themselves otherwise. a persons opinion is their opioion. now i support obama, but maybe someone else doesnt feel as do, and maybe they have their reasons for that.

    but i also believe that his voting population in the black community is larger because he is black. no i dont believe he is a unique black person, but i believe him being black is the reason some blacks may be voting for him. and maybe some are looking at what he stands for, and maybe others are looking at his skin color.

    Comment by brittany | July 23, 2008

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