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Crime and the response

None of us desire a crime to happen to us or someone we love.   Many believe in hate crime legislation.  The question is when is something a hate crime and when isn’t it?  We agree rape is a heinous crime.  Would it matter what color the person is if they rape someone close to you?  Does their beliefs matter?  How does your prespective and feelings change based on who commits the crime and why they committed it?


July 21, 2008 - Posted by | Black Experience


  1. There are times when the logic behind the criminal hurts or stings a little bit. True, if someone hurts a loved one, at that point in time it does not matter what color or mentality they have, my loved one is hurt. Hate crimes law are a way of exacting revenge for the reason behind the crime. Current laws punish the crime itself.

    Comment by j | July 22, 2008

  2. Race relations in this country are awful and racism exists covertly and overtly depending on where you live.

    If someone raped a person close to me it would not matter what their race is. My concern is the violation that occurred and the behavior that was displayed. I hate there actions not them because regardless of there color they belong to the human race. It saddens me to see another human being inflict pain or any form of discomfort on another human life. If you want to piss me off then hurt someone I love and you will see that I could care less if you are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian or Alien. I don’t care it’s the behavior of racism that is destructive and the behavior is displayed by ignorant and fearful people. How pathetic is that you are intimidated by me so you hate me.

    I don’t care about color when it comes to heinous crimes; I just want justice for the victim. What bothers me about this country is that there are different standards of punishment for different races.

    Comment by kiki michelle | July 23, 2008

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