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Can Obama win even as a Black Man.

There is  a lot of enthusiasm surrounding Barack Obama.  The Democratic Party is energized with the prospect of winning back the White House.  The Black Community is enchanted with the idea of a President Barack Obama.  Can Barack Obama, a black man, win the White House?  If he wins, would he win because he is black or would there be some other merit for which he wins.  Also if he wins on some other merit than his skin color, would this be a realization of Martin Luther King’s dream?  Does his success thus far prove that skin color is not a limiting factor for Black people?  Is the struggle of the Black Community over or what is the status of the struggle?


July 21, 2008 - Posted by | Black Experience


  1. Yes, Obama can win as a Black Man. Does that imply he has to speak a certain way, walk a certain way or govern a certain way? Dr. King’s dream is realized to some extent with the numerous successes we have had as a people. Interesting enough, Black people are voting for Barack because he is Black and a Democrat. If he were a Republican would he get the same Black people to vote for him?

    Comment by j | July 22, 2008

  2. My answer is neither yes or no, I am questioning whether or not white America is ready to put aside his race and vote on the issues. McCain is not it; we need Obama’s spirited thinking and his dynamic for change. Yet I wonder will white voters vote for McCain because he’s white or will black voters vote for Obama because he is black. This leads me to wonder is this country ready for a minority to be president. Just seems like it will bias on both sides, whites will vote for there kind and blacks definitely will vote for Obama. Ignorance is going to block this country from making forward mobility and until we stop tearing each other down over color , economics, and stereotypes we will never stand strong.

    Comment by kiki michelle | July 23, 2008

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